Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just so if ya were wonderin'....

I'm going out. So no more posts for a few days, just so if ya were wonderin'! I'm gonna see the outside world {beautiful} ain't it? So maybe you get a few goodies: pictures maybe?

Since I can't say it later I'll say it now. Happy Canada Day!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Time for a Makeover!

Agree? ;)


*teeheehee* (1)

Doesn't that sound like, umm, a bell ringing? Or a chime tinkling? Just wondering, you know, wondering. About the way things work and sounds and mounds and chimes and times.... but I can tell you about the galaxies. I like galaxies. And supernovas. And superclusters and Big Bangs and universes and planets... And stuff. Plllllllllllssssssss.... :)

The Giraffe & the Swan ~ a Story of Insecure Love

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Only Bug that is Quite the Lady

My favourite insect (I wouldn't even call it an insect :)).

a pretty ladybug

a cute ladybug

cat & ladybug

10 Cool Things About Deadly Animals

From National Geographic Kids: Deadliest Animals

  1. Female lions do most of the hunting, but male lion always eat first.
  2. On hot, sunny days, a crocodile pants like a dog to stay cool.
  3. Most young fish are called fingerlings, but young sharks are called pups. 
  4. Baby hippopotamuses are born underwater.
  5. If you shine a black light on a scorpion, it glows in the dark...
Find the other five here, at Amazon!

Music Time

So.. I'm working on learning piano & guitar (first I thought I was only going to do guitar, but I got frustrated and tried piano, which turned out to be sooo much easier).

I'd love to hear your feedback, so pls comment! Any helpful tips? Do you play piano and/or guitar? I could use some v. easy sheet music :)

My guitar!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Just a Friendly Reminder

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Awesome Animal Stuff -
For all those lovely fandoms -

Fabulous Feral Fathers: This Year's 4 Superdads!

This year's super dads are: the Emperor Penguin, the Hardhead Catfish, the Seahorse and the Red Fox.

1) Seahorse

Kudos to Poppa Seahorse because he is has the most important job—he’s the one carries the eggs! Yes, you read that right. Once the female seahorse lays her eggs in the male seahorse’s pouch, he will carry the eggs up to 45 days until the baby seahorses appear. The number of eggs vary by species, but the seahorse can hold up to 1,500 baby seahorses. This role reversal makes this sea animal one of the coolest species in the world!

2) Red Fox

Daddy Red Fox not only plays with his pups with endless energy and enthusiasm, he is also a dedicated teacher. He takes the lead on helping develop and strengthen their survival skills. First this Father Fox begins by reducing the food brought into the den, which helps draw the pups out of their comfort zone. He then goes as far as burying and hiding food to help train the young foxes to sniff around to find their own food.

3) Emperor Penguin

In the harsh climate of Antarctica, it is up to the Emperor Penguin Pa to keep the egg warm. Unlike other birds who sit on a nest of eggs, the penguin carefully balances the single egg on his feet making sure that it is covered by his feathery skin known as the brooding pouch. This proud Pop forgoes his meals and withstands blistery winds and snow storms for about 65 days taking care of a single egg!

4) Hardhead Catfish

Don’t underestimate this water daddy! For the first couple of months, it is up to the hardheaded catfish Dad to carry the eggs in his mouth until they hatch. It’s a method called mouthbrooding and it’s widely practised among the Ariidae fish family. One of advantages of mouthbrooding is that there is a greater chance of the young surviving into adulthood. But the downside is that meals must be skipped!

See the article at:

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Origami ~ House, Cup, Pinwheel, & Piano

I made some origami a few days ago - a house, a cup, a pinwheel, and a piano!

My piano is sooooo beautiful so I'll show a closeup of it :D :D :D

I even made a songbook for it! Looks like this since I didn't want to actually draw musical notes, lol. ;)

treble clef | 4/4 | 8 lines
note 7, 5, 3, 8, 4, 4, 5, 3

And more like that. Excetera.

Air Meal

© Danny Green/National Geographic

Swooping in for a landing, an Atlantic puffin brings a meal for its chick on Scotland’s Treshnish Isles. Puffin parents make up to eight food runs a day; each bird can grip 20 or more fish in its beak.

The photo is part of the feature article, Puffin Therapy which can be found in the June issue of National Geographic Magazine.


Monday, 16 June 2014

This Baby Goat was Born with Six Legs!

See here:

An eight-legged goat was born on a farm in Croatia last week and earned the nickname Octogoat.

The goat has both male and female reproductive organs which was likely the result of an underdeveloped twin. Veterinarians have said Octogoat may have a chance of living for several years.

Friday, 13 June 2014

If You’re Not a Morning Person This Dog is Your Spirit Animal!

This is an awesome video (though not a bit like me). Please watch it! :)


Or here: 

Performance - #nervousandexcited

I have my ballet performance along with the end finale thing... tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

#nervousandexcited .... at the same time? :P

Wish me luck then! :)

What Jesus Never Said

This is an awesome Facebook page (Catholics, please check it out - you`ll get a good laugh and say, `That is SO true!!!` for each one!). You can see it here:

Here are my three favourites in order from first to third:


And, finally, here`s mine for you:

`Blessed are the moneymakers, for they will have a fulfilling life.`


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Ultimate 10-sentence-randomeness Contest

Here's the challenge:

Write a 10-sentence post on your blog. Give me the link in a ten sentence comment on this post. Make the title to the post 10 sentences as well. Whoever writes the best post wins. And will get a prize (will be decided what price.)

P.S. P.S.'s don't count as a sentence.

P.P.S. Guess what? This post is 10 sentences! Count for yourself!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Hi-Yo Silver! Away!

If you've ever watched The Lone Ranger you have probably heard that "Hi-Yo Silver! Away!" when the lone Ranger and Tonto ride off after upholding the law. I just finished watching 6 episodes of the 1949 TV show (Only 1 was in color but who cares?) and that got me wondering - what type of horse was Silver? What was his real name?

Well, there were two Silvers! Silver 1 was part Tennessee Walking horse and his real name was White Cloud. Silver 2 was half Arabian and half Saddle Bred. His real name was Tarzan's White Banner but when George W. Trendle, the owner of The Lone Ranger bought him, Trendle renamed him Hi-Yo Silver!

Sorry, I could not find one of just Tonto and Scout - Tonto and Scout are on the right side. The internet was being very annoying so I could not find anything out about Scout other than that he was a Paint horse. : (

A Tiger's Stripe is a Marvelous Thing

Did you know?

A tiger's stripes are not only on it's fur - it is through their skin as well - and no two tigers have the same pattern

Warm Hugs Tag :)

The rules:
  1. Follow the blog that tagged you (optional).
  2. Include two or more pictures that include your favorite characters, books, movies, or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
  3. Tag five or more bloggers and tell them.
  4. Answer the blogger’s ten questions related to characters, books, movies, or lyrics.
  5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing.
Ok.. here it goes!!
  1. What book do you think would make the. best. movie adaption? Hmmm... Edge Chronicles maybe. ;)
  2. What movie/book quote do you think is the most underrated? (For example, “There’s your act of true love—riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent, reindeer king.” -Olaf, from Frozen) I have no idea...
  3. What movie/book quote do you think is the most overrated? No idea, lol :P
  4. What’s a book or movie that you have never read or seen but really want to? Frozen :)
  5. What fictional character(s) are you most like? Wellllll..... maybe Rapunzel? Or, wait, Merida! Definetly!!! "D
  6. Tangled or Frozen? Welll I've never watched Frozen, so maybe Tangled then...
  7. What Disney movie do you think shows the most Christian views? What views does it portray? I s'pose perhaps.... oh forget it, I have no idea. I'm bad at this.
  8. Favorite “Let It Go” spoof? (If you don’t have one, google them. There’s a lot out there!) Umm... maybe the 'How It Should Have Ended' one...
  9. What quote speaks to you the most?“All their life in this world and all their adventures had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” Probably. 
  10. Have you ever read a book or seen a movie and then wished you’d passed on it? Don't think so.... SO bad at this xD
Narnia & Middle Earth, C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien
This is my collage for the 50th anniversary of DW :)

Finally, let's check the rules...
  1. Follow the blog that tagged you (optional). Optional, so...
  2. Include two or more pictures that include your favorite characters, books, movies, or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures). Check.
  3. Tag five or more bloggers and tell them. Blaaaaa
  4. Answer the blogger’s ten questions related to characters, books, movies, or lyrics. Check.
  5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing. Oops.
Ok, questions then....
  1. What is your favourite book?
  2. What is your favourite movie?
  3. Who is your favourite character from your fav. book?
  4. Who is your favourite character from your fav. movie?
  5. What is your all-time fav. book/movie?
  6. Who is your all-time fav. character from your all-time fav. book/movie?
  7. Disney back then or Disney now?
  8. Favourite all-time quote from a book?
  9. Favourite all-time quote from a movie?
  10. What book do you really want to be made into a movie?
As for tagging.. well... I haven't really got anyone to tag, so I'll just give a warm hug  to everyone - and  anyone who wants to do this is welcome to. :)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sleepy Bear Can't Stay Awake


Or here:

Awww..... {bunnies}

Isn't it just... so... cute... so.... adorable..... so.... L O V A B L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Blue Moonmelon

Thought I'd share this.... :D :D :D #musttrylist

UPDATE: My mistake, it's a hoax :P

Specialty Pets (tips from the experts)


Pets are so much fun, but they also require special attention! 
Follow these easy steps from PetSmart and your pets will be healthy and happy.


Food: Feed your pet pelleted food, which is high in fiber and fortified with vitamins.

Chews: Your pet's front teeth never stop growing, they need to keep chewing on healthy things such as treat sticks and wood chews.

Bedding: Line your pet's home with 1 - 2 inches of clean paper bedding or wood shavings. Spot clean the bedding weekly and completely change it monthly.

Safety: Wash your hands after you handle your pets, because they can carry diseases.

Jokes [Just Joking 2: National Geographic]

So... I'll try to do jokes often-ish, this is part one. Please comment if you like it! From Just Joking 2 (National Geographic). After you think of your answer, find the real answer by selecting the space after the italicized answer word (the answer is in white text).

What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish?
Answer: You'll rise and shine every day.

Why shouldn't you tell a joke while ice skating?
Answer: The ice might crack up!

What did one elevator say to the other elevator?

Answer: I think I'm coming down with something.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

10 Sentence Randomness (1)

S. Bored? Me too. Entertain me! Comment with the link of your blog!

P.S. Check out my Life Tricks page. It's awesome!

P.P.S. Make your own blog if you don't have one. Make a life tricks account if you don't have one.

P.P.P.S. P.S.'s don't count. Not really.

Animals Hug Trees to Stay Cool

According to a study from the latest issue of Biology Letters...

For many animals, hugging trees feels good, and can even help them be healthier.

Along with several other good reasons to be a tree hugger, is one that informs the public that trees help to regulate the hugger's body temperature.


The last flowers from our (ornamental *sob sob*) crab-apple tree. :)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


LA!!!! LA LA LA!!! Ahem.

AnYwAyS..... today is fun. Is supposed to be. Fun. But I'm stuck writing a blog post that nobody is going to look at. Probably. Except my sister. If I tell her to.

What happens on Mondays: Ballet
What happens on Tuesdays: Stuff
What happens on Wednesdays: *yawn*
What happens..Thursdays: *humph*
What happens..Fridays: 'IT"S FRIDAY!!!!'
Saturdays: SWIMMING!!!!!
Sundays:  Church
Mondays: I already told you.

Now I'm bored so I'm going to unstuck my sister from her chair. She's been sitting there so long I betcha she's stuck there. Permanently.

Monday, 2 June 2014

How to use (cut & de-seed) a pomegranate

You will begin with this sort of reddish fruit;

First, cut it into six pieces like so:


Next, just pull out the seeds either with your hands or a spoon. IMPORTANT: DO NOT GARBAGE THEM!! They are all you eat of the pomegranate!

This is what you end with! Yum! (Or not if you don't like them. :D)

What is this blog?

This blog is a Catholic girl's dreams, journeys, and musings!

Dolphin and Dog - Let's be Friends

Or on YouTube!