Sunday, 5 October 2014

Yes, It's Sunday.. and tomorrow's Monday :(

And I hit 222 posts!!!
Me, and you, my followers.. :)

And it's still Monday tomorrow.

Before we go onto ME stuff (:P) I'll give you a link to this really cool article (Click here, you can come back later to hear the M.E. news.).

Ok, now... **drumroll please**

*Buh duh dum!*
*Duh buh da dum ba dum!*

| | |
v v v

I think I am going to enter a poetry contest. :D

It's free, it's for students, and, hey, you even get a bookmark just for participating! Why wouldn't I? Anything to stop Anna (My sis, who else?!) saying 'You're going to be a published author!' every time she reads one of my poems.

P.S. If you want to read one of my poems just ask below :)

P.P.S. Please go and read my sister's blog at:

P.P.P.S. I'm not done this post yet don't gooooo! :'(

Yay, you stayed with me! And just to make your stay worth wile, I'm going to end the post with some gifs :) But first you probably want more M.E.

M.E. is Myself Excited. Don't ask me why!

I think out of my three activities per week my favourite is gym or swimming. After that comes Youth Group ;)

And I am not M.E. because... it's Monday tomorrow :( And Monday has no activities...

Optimist: But it'll be a fresh new day!
Pessimist: ... with a fresh new pile of 15 school books..

AND later today we start going over the school and stuff. Bleh. But I won't entirely bore you, I'll give you the promised gifs!
I know, this isn't a gif, but... *sigh*
This cat got the moves..

No need for a caption :')

Bye everyone, be..

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