Monday, 20 April 2015


Good afternoon everyone. I've got a few things to show you today! (Hint: Quite a few of these are from my Pinterest... do check it out, please. PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU!)

First of all..

Why did I show you this, you ask? So you can buy me some! Duh! 


And... most importantly.. you need to improve your vocabulary! Yes, you do! So let's get this over real quick so we can get to more fun stuff!

Are you a galoot?

Are you boondoggling?

And, finally...

Which is your favourite? Do you know any of those? Are you happy I posted these? Please comment!


Now.. on to some fun stuff!  Well, fun.. ish. There is also some very important stuff you need to know to continue your life with a face palm! Such as..

Yes, yes. No need to gawk. Just remember that and you'll do fine! Haven't I saved you a lot of trouble? *wink wink*

Before I go.. and yes, I must go.. do any of you know any super easy guitar songs I could try? I am really beginner -  I have only had practice with a few chords such as mini E, G, and C.. and X and O.

LAST thing.. please, please, please leave me a comment! It would make my day brighter! I love comments! Thanks a lot for reading! BYE!!!

P.S. Ok, ok. I admit to making that last word up.. but, still, I made a picture for it and everything!

- Mia


  1. ur learning guitar!?!? cool! im teaching my self too - sable

    1. What? Awesome! I'm teaching myself also! Maybe we can share some tips with each other?

      I'm using an app called Yousician on my iPad. It helps you tune your guitar and gives you lessons for about 20 minutes each day. (For more, you have to pay. I'm using it for free.)

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  3. How'd u make this blog???

    1. On blogger. (


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