Saturday, 9 May 2015

Be my guest..

So my sis and I were preparing some bags for a trip, and I was going to show her some of my backpacks that she could choose from if she so desired. They were in the basement so I opened the door and started singing.. "Be my guest, be my guest.. put my backpacks to the test." I continued for another line and then my sis added a line and we almost died laughing. After my sister picked out a backpack, we went upstairs to the tell the tale to our  parents.

I explained to my mom and then started singing.. "Be my guest, be my guest, put my backpacks to the test.."

That's as far as we got because my parents burst out laughing and my sis and I followed suit. "But that's not even the funny part!" we complained, laughing.

The room finally quieted and, sobering myself (to no avail), I started again. "Be my guest, be my guest, put my backpacks to the test! Tie the straps around your neck, cherie.. and you'll be choked to death!"

Yup. That last line was my sister's - genius, eh? That allowed another round of laughter. (Afterwards I added something along the lines of: "Try the blue one, it's delightful! Don't believe me? How very spiteful!")

But.. laughter is good for you. Right?! So here's to a good laugh.. cheers!

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